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Rock carvings at Alta

Cave paintings in the Alte were found in the northern part of Norway in 1973. They are proof that in these places during the period from 4200 500 years before Christ was a settlement. Images can also testify to the existence here of a religious cult. 

Rock carvings in Alta been carved into the solid sandstone with stones that were used as a hammer and a chisel. Many of the drawings are perfectly preserved to the present day, they mainly reflect the daily life of ancient hunters and fishermen. Among the rock art is dominated by the figures that inhabit these places, animals, moose, bears, reindeer, a variety of fish and birds. 

These figures are quite small, only 20-40 centimeters, but they contain valuable information about the lives of ancient people. Rock carvings found in Alta, were included in the list of World Cultural Heritage. 

If you go to Alta by car, you should move along the E6 highway. To get to the Museum of Rock Carvings by bus, which departs from the city center. 

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