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Ladder Trolley

Ladder Trolley

Stairs trolls - a popular area of Norway. Is a winding mountain road, the length of which is 106 kilometers and a width in some places reaches a maximum of 3.3 meters. Circuit is situated in the southwestern part of the country, in the county of Møre og Romsdal region Vestlann. Famous road has become a shining example of engineering. It was opened in 1936 by King Haakon VII, after eight years of construction. On the way to the top of many sharp bends, and sometimes height is 9%. Approximately halfway through the waterfall bridge located Stigfossen. The beauty of mountain slopes and extreme trip on narrow serpentine make Troll Ladder Norway a popular tourist destination. At an altitude of over 850 meters above sea level is a parking area, cafes, souvenir shops and an observation deck, which is visible to all the winding road. Route closed in autumn and winter, the best time to travel - from May to October. The road is part of the Norwegian national highway RV63, connecting the cities and Andalsnes Valldal. Staircase between trolls from June to August runs a bus route.


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