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Viking Ship Museum (Oslo)

The Viking Ship Museum is located in the city of Oslo, on the peninsula Byugde. The museum was opened in 1926 and is part of the Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo. 

Museum exhibition consists of three vessels that were found on the coast of the Oslo Fjord during archaeological excavations. All three ships - Thun, Gokstadsky and Osebergsky were built in the 9th century. On the sea floor, they have lain at least a thousand years. In these ancient Viking ships crossed the oceans and the fact that they have survived to the present day, the Norwegians believe a miracle. 

You can get to the museum on the modern boat that leaves regularly from the marina, located in front of city hall. Also the peninsula Byugde by bus number 30, which stops outside the railway station and the National Theatre. 

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