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Munch Museum

The Munch Museum opened in Oslo in 1963. The basis of the museum are paintings, prints, watercolors, drawings, sculptures, books, personal letters and photographs that the artist Edvard Munch bequeathed to the city. 

To place the exhibits, city hall decided to build a separate building. The authors of the project are the architects of the museum Elnar Mikelbast and Gunnar Fogner.

Edvard Munch has made ​​a great contribution to the culture of Norway, he was the first artist-expressionist in the Nordic countries. Today, the Munch Museum is the largest cultural center in the country. The museum's collections continue to expand the work of a great artist. Here, as with the 1990 concerts and film showings.

To get to the Munch Museum can be on public trams number 19, to go to the bus stop Tøyen.


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